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Introduction of Carousel Rides

 Introduction of Carousel Rides

1. Material:
a. Fiberglass
b. Steel   
2. Specification:
Main part adopts of fiberglass, horse rides are made of fiberglass. Carousel rides feature with safety, environmental protection, anti-corrosion and perfect stability. Carousel rides can be customized according to the site condition. 
8 seats carousel ride, 12 seats carousel ride, 16 seats carousel ride, 24 seats carousel ride and 36 seats carousel ride are common types, which are always seen at amusement park, youth palace, life plaza, community and other sites in dense flow population.

3. History:
a. In 1860, it has been recorded that carousel rides have appeared in Byzantine Empire, the first carousel ride was driven by steam. Until now, we can still fine all kinds of carousel rides at playground, theme park and supermarket. Sometimes mini carousel rides are pushed by human power.
b. At upper of 19th century of Europe, the owner of shopkeepers always placed wooden rocking chair with horse design at the door. Some clever people supported the wooden horse with wooden bracket, circled it and then make the ride turn. Of course the wooden horse itself cannot rotate, people or real horse drive it. 
c. Later, Watt invented steam engine, from then, steam engine existed as a kind of power. Carousel rides also upgrade with steam engine. From then, carousel rides begins to develop in theme park and kiddie playground.

4. Notice:
a. After start the control panel of the carousel rides, passengers are not allowed to touch pillars of the merry go round, in case to cause any accident.
b. Passengers cannot take goods easily to drop down, it is dangerous to take with it during sitting on the rides.