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Structure of Self-control Plane Rides

Structure of Self-control Plane Rides

1. Structure of Self-control Plane :

Self-control plane include two kinds of movement methods, one is rotation, the other is lifting. Rotation divided into mechanical and hydraulic transmission, transmission device is installed on the foundation. Take this picture of self-control plane as an example, four lifting mechanism adopt hydraulic drive method. As shown in the picture, support oil cylinder 3 will push rotation arm 2 to make the seat 4 rise and fall. Passengers can operate the up and down of their own seat, therefore, it is called self-control plane.

2. Necessary safety device and measure for self-control plane rides:
1.Equipped with safety belt and handle.
2.Limit device for rotation arm.
3.Safety device for balance pull rod.
4.Overload protection device for hydraulic system.
5.Passenger dredge measure once power failure or malfunction.