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Structure of Ferris Wheel Rides

Structure of Ferris Wheel Rides

As shown in the picture, structure of ferris wheel can be divided into truss type and spoke type. The transmission method of includes center shaft, pin roll & gear and friction. In general, medium and small size ferris wheel adopt center shaft, pin roll & gear as transmission method, large size ferris wheel adopt friction as transmission method. There are two kinds of cabins, which are always in closed and semi-closed. At present, most of ferris wheel are closed type.
This kind of ferris wheel rotates around horizontal axis with speed of 15-18m/min, so that passengers can get on and get off the rides easily under operated. The transmission can be divided into hydraulic and mechanical methods. It always need to be equipped with generator or internal combustion engine for large and medium ferris wheel to evacuate passengers should power failure.
Necessary safety device and measure for ferris wheel:
1.Doors of cabin have two locks.
2.Doors and windows of cabin have protective barrier.
3.Hanging scrolls of cabin have safety measure.
4.Turntable can rotate in forward and reverse direction.
5.Hydraulic system has overload protective measure.
6.Measures of dredge passenger should power failure or dis-function occurs.