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Structure of Octopus Rides

Structure of Octopus Rides

Octopus rides are made up of five giant rotation arms,which are mounted on the rotation turntable of the machine. The octopus rides are rotated by its transmission device (3). There is a set of small rotary transmission device (6) on each big rotary arm (9), it will drive cabinet (4) to rotate through small rotary arm (5). On the top of octopus rides, there is a eccentric shaft (7), it is deflected from the center line of the overall machine. During thr rotation of octopus rides, the eccentric shaft (7) will drive the pull rod (8) and make big rotary arm go up and down. In general, the octopus rides combine three movement methods, that is, cabinets move around the center axis of the overall machine, cabinets move around the end of arm, cabinets move up and down around big arm. In general, the transmission method is in hydraulic transmission. Because five arms of the octopus rides bend and stretch outside, just looks like the head of octopus, therefore we called it octopus rides.
Necessary safety device and measure for octopus rides:
1. Safety block cannot be open at random.
2. Overload protective measure for hydraulic system.
3. Measures of dredge passenger should power failure or dis-function occurs.