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What is the Function of Safety Belt of Amusement Rides?

What is the Function of Safety Belt of Amusement Rides?

In order to protect the safety of passengers, safety belt is a must during rides in operated. Meanwhile, safety belts need to have enough bearing capacity to promise safety should passengers in gravity-free condition.
1.Safety belt can be used for amusement rides in slight swing or slow moving speed. Safety belt should be matching use with auxiliary handle. As to park rides with dangerous moving, safety belt can only be used as an auxiliary device.

2.The material of safety belts is nylon with width more than 30mm and breaking force more than 6000N, which is high-strength belt and can be used for outdoor rides

3.The connection between safety belt and rides must be reliable, which can bear all kinds of predictable strength from passengers. If safety belt of amusement rides is directly fixed on the fiberglass, the connection point must be firm and secure, other wise metal components should be embed for strengthening.

4.If safety belt is regarded as auxiliary safety device, its reliability should designed according to what role it will play in the park rides.