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What is the Function of Safety Block for Amusement Park Ride

What is the Function of Safety Block for Amusement Park Rides?

Some amusement park rides have risk of getting passengers out of cabinets during operating. In this case, it needs to equipped with special safety block. Detail requirements are as following:
1.Safety block itself must have enough intensity and locking strength, so that it can make sure that passengers not fall from their cabinets. Safety block can stay locked condition before the amusement rides stops.

2.Lock and unlock mechanism can adopt manual operation or automatic control method. If automatic control is failure, manual operation will take its place. 

3.Unlocked mechanism cannot be open at random. But operators must be convenient to reach the device. 

4.The adjustment of travel distance of safety block can be divided into step and stepless. The movement of safety block should be less than 35mm under impacted status. The biggest strength safety block: less than 150N for adult, less than 80N for children.

5.If passengers are sitting on the turn-over rides, safety block on shoulders must be equipped with two sets of reliable locking device.