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How to Express Amusement Park Rides by Chinese Code?

How to Express Amusement Park Rides by Chinese Code?
In my last article, we explained the meaning of Chinese code for amusement park rides. Here I take some examples to explain how to express amusement rides with different structures and movement methods. 
1. Amusement Rides Rotating along Horizontal Axis
A.Observation Wheel Rides
If rotary diameter is 50m, moving speed is 16m/min, cabinet height is 52m, the code for the observation wheel rides will be 01-D50V16H52

B. Pirate Ship Rides
If rotary diameter is 8m, running speed is 300m/min, rotary angle is 45°, the code for the pirate ship rides will be 01-R4V300Q45.

2. Amusement Rides Rotating along Vertical Axis
Self-control Plane Rides
If rotary diameter is 15m, running speed is 230m/min, cabinet height is 5m and has the ability to move up and down, the code for the self-control plane ride will be 02-D15V23H5S

3. Amusement Rides Rotating along Track

Roller Coaster Rides

If running speed is 75km/h, max height is 30m, the code for roller coaster rides will be 05-V75H30

4. Other Amusement Park Rides
Based on different figures the general Chinese code except above 3 kinds of amusement rides will be 09-DyRyVyHyQySZ

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