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The Most Welcomed Indoor Amusement Park Rides

The Most Welcomed Indoor Amusement Park Rides
In recent years, there are all kinds of amusement park rides increasing in the trend, also with indoor amusement rides. Here is introduction about the most welcomed indoor rides:
1. Nauty Castle:
Nauty castle is also named kiddie castle, which is designed for the kids' hobbies of climbing, jumping and sliding. Nauty castle is a combination with random, interactivity and safety without limit of indoor, outdoor or irregular site. Materials of nauty castle are mostly engineering plastics, PVC, galvanized steel pipe, steel tube, sponge and etc.

2. Inflatabe Castle:
Inflatable castle is made up of environmental waterproof cloth. Inflatable castle is a kind of long-standing amusement rides in the eyes of kiddies.

3. Inddor Carousel Rides:
You can see carousel rides in almost every park, carousel rides can be designed according to the height of indoor space.

4. Bumper Car Rides:
There are two kinds of indoor bumper car rides, one is net bumper car, the other is battery bumper car. Because the friction betweeen the bumper car and ground, there will noise arise. Therefore, bumper car site is not suggested on the upper floor.

5. Track Train Rides:
These kinds of rides are designed in the shape of train, circuling around their fixed track. Track train rides are commonly for kids, they also can bring noise as bumper cars.