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Define and Safety Standard of Amusement Rides

Define and Safety Standard of Amusement Rides

1. Define of Amusement Rides

Operated in specified area, amusement rides refer to an isotopic carrier for passengers, which include amusement rides with or without impetus, amusement buildings and other accessory devices.
2. Safety Standards of Amusement Rides
A. As explicitly stipulated by Safety Specification of Amusement (GB8408-2008), the design of amusement rides must follow the working life more than 23000 hours for the entire park equipment and its main components.

B. As for metal material of main mechanical components, its property for heat treatment and welding must meet the demand of actual operation condition.

C. For adult passengers, take the weight as 750N/person if there are one or two passengers. If there are more than two passengers, take the weight as 700N/person. For kids passengers, take the weight as 400N/person if the children are less than 1.2m height or 10 years old.

D. Take 15m/s as the max available wind speed if the amusement rides are under operation.

E. Safety factor of key axle, pin role and welding joint must be more than 5, safety factor of general components should be more than 3.5 and safety factor of fragile material must be more than 8.