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How to Maintain Metal Structure of Amusement Park Rides

Large amusement park rides are made of metal structure, therefore there are fast-and-hard rules for adopted metal. Otherwise, the metal will be never come into use. The metal structure must meet relative requirements as following:
1. Paint technology of metal structure should reach the anti-rust standards.
2. Corrosion penetration of load-carrying structural components must be less than 15% of the thickness of original structural steel.
3. Track abrasion loss of new structural steel should be less than 20% of the original thickness of structural steel. Track abrasion loss of round tube should be less than 15% of the thickness of original structural steel.
Below are key points to maintain an amusement park rides:
1. Under the cooperation of designer and engineer, kiddie rides are finished perfectly. If somebody who does not understand very well about its inner structure and main hoist, he will not know enough about how to repair the rides, even will never know the serious issue.
A special and experienced maintenance personnel can judge, exclude and position where is out of order. As we all know, whether an amusement park ride can earn money originates from its running time. As long as there is something wrong with the equipment, it means something losing profit, therefore, time is money. In addition, after operated for a long time, kiddie rides may have some secret faults, professional examiner can find the hidden danger in time, so that accidents can be avoided.
2. Majors parts must be checked at regular and change components is a necessity if find fault. Some people consider that amusement park rides are only metal structure, it is wrong. Every ride is designed and manufactured by engineers. After calculated, every angle, every length, generator power and etc will have a result. Here I say major parts include generator, arm length, safety device and etc. As long as these parts are well done, other problems may be minor flaws. It is the reason that major parts should be maintained at regular.