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Safety Tips for Amusement Playground

Here are some kind suggestions about children safety from mothers.
1. Parents Should Not Stay Far Away From Your Children
A mom told me a painful story. It was happened in my daughter’s two years’ old. One day, we took her outside to play rotary slide in an amusement park. She was so happy that climbed up and down time and time again. As her mother and supervisor, I should have watched her play and her father waited and picked her at the finishing of the slide. However, it seemed like that our daughter could play with the slide by herself, we left her later. At least I was peeping her all the time, however, my husband had been smoking outside. Unexpectedly, accident happened! It was that our daughter was climbing down. Her wrong action was that both legs opened with a big angle and her shoes was hanging on the slide edge, she turned down upside. I had seen the accident, it was unexpected, however, I couldn’t do nothing because it was too far away from my side. After we rushed towards our daughter, her mouth had been filled with blood. Luckily, there was only something wrong with her mouth skin, her teeth were not hurt. Even though, she couldn’t eat and drink well those days. Therefore, parents should stay near their youth children so that they can help their kids at the first time.
2. Parents Should Inform Basic Safety Knowledge to Their Kids
Here is the second story. Every time Huanhuan goes to park, swing will be the most favorite and necessity sport, until someday he was injury while playing swing happily. On that day there were so many children waiting for playing the swing, long time later finally it was Huanhuan’s turn, he ran to the inside one with compulsive joy. At the moment he passed through the outside swing, he was kicked down by the swing. The kid’s mother apologized for me all the time. In fact, her child is not by accident and he should not be blamed. It was I that should be blamed because I hadn’t taught my kid basic safety knowledge in advance, that is, everyone should pass around swings in case that be kicked.
3. Tips Need to Remember:
Parents should tell their kids key points in advance before go to amusement playground. It is not allowed to arrange children to play rides not suit for them considering kids’ height and constitution, even if your children have been grown up. There is limit for different children because safety belts and bars of amusement park rides are designed according to children height not their age. It is a necessity for parents to help their children fasten the belts. When parents take kids to playground, do not wear them in hind danger, such as clothes with cap,long skirt, expansion skirt, because other children may pull or foot on it. It is wise to keep children in parents’ visibility range. Hundreds and thousands of people is main feature in kiddie playgrounds at weekends and festivals. The most but not least, it is a necessity to inform children of the mobile number of their children.