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What are bright spots of latest amusement rides safety stand

The latest amusement rides safety standard GB8408 is <amusement rides safety code> enforced on August 1, 2008, which canceled many lagging terms and added new requirements as below 5 aspects:

1. The acceleration value is required for sliding series rides such as roller coaster, because when the roller coaster falls down from the highest point to the lowest place, it has a large speed and acceleration speed. To avoid danger to passengers, the acceleration speed shall be controlled in certain range;
2.  Add more loads such as wind load. Because when wind force is above 6 grade, it is possible to throw passengers away by combing acceleration speed with impact force, which is very dangerous, the running of amusement rides shall be forbidden immediately.
3.  Adjust the safety factor to lower value. No more special materials should be used if one kind of common material can meet the safety demand. It leads to materials waste and increasing cost by setting higher safety factor.
4.  Add new requirements such as safety assessment and safety analysis.
5.  Add safety standards for water amusement rides.
6.  Cancel highest speed limit for rotating series amusement rides but use acceleration speed allowable value to control the rides.