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What are safety precautions for amusement rides


Safety precautions for amusement rides shall be realized carefully for sake of safety of passengers.

Passenger seating related parts running in the air shall be firm and reliable, whose key spare parts shall take safety measures.

Hanging parts for passengers shall set 2 steel wires ropes or chains at least. Connection with seating parts shall take balance-keeping into consideration once one rope breaks.

For door of closed cabinet above the ground 1m or above, it must set two locking devices that can not open inside or one locking device with safety insurance. Locking device with safety insurance shall also be set for block part at entrance and exit of non-closed cabinet.

In the running of amusement rides, sudden power off or malfunction of equipment may endanger passengers, so it is necessary to set automatic or manual emergency stopping devices.

Evacuation of passengers’ measures shall be taken immediately after the amusement rides break down in running.