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What are safety constraint devices for passengers?


Safety constraint devices must be set to avoid passengers being moved, collided, threw out or blocked out. For amusement rides with higher danger, two sets safety constraint devices such as safety belts, safety press bar and stop rod shall be taken into consideration.

Constraint devices shall be reliable and comfortable, parts touching with passengers shall have proper softness. The design of constraint devices shall prevent to clamp or crush passengers to injury; it should be adjusted easily and operated conveniently.

Safety belt can be independently used in rides which swing slightly or rise and fall slowly or have no danger of being thrown out or overturning. Auxiliary handle shall be with safety belt. In rides with intense movement, safety belt can be an auxiliary constraint device.

Safety press bar must be set when there may be a danger to throw out passengers as running the amusement rides; safety press bar itself must have enough strength and tight locking force to ensure passengers not to be threw out, and it shall be in locking condition from beginning to the end before the amusement rides stop running.