Main Products
    1. Swing Flying Chair Rides
    2. Swing Flying Chair Rides It is said that there is a kind of umbrella can take people play in sky. Our swing umbrella rides realize the legend. It can tilt, fly up and down, and rotate in 360 degree. Look! The visitors are flying in the air. How amazing it is! Do you want to h
    1. Challengers Journey Pendulum Rides
    2. Challengers' Journey Pendulum Rides With speed in hundreds of meters per hour, Challenger’s Journey is suit for large amusement playground. Drastic swinging, unexpected rotating, rippling like a trapeze, soaring as a UFO, the Challenger’s Journey will bring passengers dazzled and th
    1. Gyro Swing Tower Rides
    2. Gyro Swing Tower Rides Cover area is 26m*26m, height is 48m, theoretical flow is 640 passengers, the gyroswing is suit for large and medium amusement theme park. 36 passengers are sitting in flying chairs of the gyroswing, rising in the sky slowly, finally reach high sky in
    1. Speed Windmill Pendulum Rides
    2. Speed Windmill Pendulum Rides Seated in the air wings, crazy speed windmill is spreading and dancing in 360 degree in 18m height sky. Both big arm and cabin support arm can rotate in positive and negative directions, meanwhile the cockpits spin under the centrifugal force. Combine
    1. Double Deck Carousel Rides
    2. Double Deck Carousel Rides Double deck carousel has fancy appearance and gorgeous color, which is popular amusement park ride by youth. The turntable will rotate in constant speed after start the double deck carousel. You can see different carousels rotating around up and down.
    1. Crazy Circus Pendulum Rides
    2. Crazy Circus Pendulum Rides Crazy circus adopt worldwide famous electric and hydraulic components, which is warmly welcomed in large amusement parks. Placing themselves in the crazy circus, passengers will have a wonderful feeling that the arena to be thrown into high sky, just
    1. Super Wave Rides
    2. Super Wave Rides Super Wave Rides simulate the scene of boats encountering strong storm suddenly while floating in ocean. When the rotary speed and direction of arms are changing continuously, cabinets will change status, rotate and bring passengers in a excellent won